Фразовые глаголы: сравнение up и down

Урок 142

Сравните up ↑ и down ↓:

put something up (on a wall etc.)

take something down (from a wall etc.)

  • I put some pictures up on the wall.
    Я повесил несколько картин на стену.
  • I didn’t like the picture, so I took it down.
    Мне не нравилась картина, поэтому я её снял.

pick something up

put something down

  • There was a letter on the floor. I picked it up and looked at it.
    На полу было письмо. Я его поднял и посмотрел на него.
  • I stopped writing and put down my pen.
    Я перестал писать и отложил ручку.

stand up

sit down / bend down / lie down

  • Alan stood up and walked out.
    Алан встал и вышел.
  • I bent down to tie my shoelace.
    Я наклонился, чтобы завязать шнурок.

turn something up

turn something down

  • I can’t hear the TV. Can you turn it up a bit?
    Я не слышу телевизор. Можешь немного увеличить громкость?
  • The oven is too hot. Turn it down to 150 degrees.
    Духовка сильно горячая. Уменьши температуру до 150 градусов.

Knock down etc.

knock down a building / blow something down / cut something down etc.

  • Some old houses were knocked down to make way for the new shopping centre.
    Некоторые старые дома были снесены, чтобы освободить место для нового торгового центра.
  • Why did you cut down the tree in your garden?
    Зачем ты срубил дерево в своем саду?

Также be knocked down (by a car etc.)

  • A man was knocked down by a car and taken to hospital.
    Человека, которого сбила машина, отвезли в больницу.

Down = getting less = уменьшить

slow down = go more slowly = идти/ехать медленнее

  • You’re driving too fast. Slow down.
    Ты слишком быстро едешь. Притормози.

calm (somebody) down = become calmer, make somebody calmer = становиться спокойнее, успокоить кого-нибудь

  • Calm down. There’s no point in getting angry.
    Остынь. Злиться нет смысла.

cut down (on something) = eat, drink or do something less often = уменьшить потребление чего-л.

  • I’m trying to cut down on coffee. I drink far too much of it.
    Я пытаюсь пить меньше кофе, а то я пью его слишком много.

Другие глаголы + down

break down = stop working (for machines, cars, relationships etc.) = перестать работать (о механизмах, автомобилях, отношениях и др.)

  • The car broke down and I had to phone for help.
    Машина сломалась и мне пришлось вызывать помощь.
  • Their marriage broke down after only a few months.
    Их брак распался уже после нескольких месяцев.

close down / shut down = stop doing business = закрываться (о предприятии), прекращать деятельность

  • There used to be a shop at the end of the street; it closed down a few years ago.
    В конце улицы раньше был магазин; его закрыли несколько лет назад.

let somebody down = disappoint somebody because you didn’t do what they hoped = разочаровывать, подводить

  • You can always rely on Pete. He’ll never let you down.
    Вы всегда можете положиться на Петю. Он вас никогда не подведёт.

turn somebody/something down = refuse an application, an offer etc. = отклонить (предложение); отказывать кому-либо

  • I applied for several jobs, but I was turned down for each one.
    Я отправлял несколько резюме (досл.: подал заявление на несколько работ), но мне везде отказали.
  • Rachel was offered the job, but she decided to turn it down.
    Рейчел предложили работу, но она решила отклонить предложение.

write something down = write something on paper because you may need the information later = записывать

  • I can’t remember Tim’s address. I wrote it down, but I can’t find it.
    Не могу вспомнить адрес Тима. Я записывал его, но не могу найти.


1. Закончите предложения. Используйте следующие глаголы (в правильной форме) + up или down:

calm let put take turn turn

  1. I don’t like this picture on the wall. I’m going to .
  2. The music is too loud. Can you ?
  3. David was very angry. I tried to .
  4. I’ve bought some new curtains. Can you help me ?
  5. I promised I would help Anna. I don’t want to .
  6. I was offered the job, but I decided I didn’t want it. So I .


2. Для каждой картинки закончите предложения, используя глагол + up или down. В большинстве предложений вам понадобятся и другие слова.

  1. There used to be a tree next to the house, but we .
  2. There used to be some shelves on the wall, but I .
  3. The ceiling was so low, he couldn’t straight.
  4. She couldn’t hear the radio very well, so she .
  5. While they were waiting for the bus, they on the ground.
  6. A few trees in the storm last week.
  7. Sarah gave me her phone number. I on a piece of paper.
  8. Liz dropped her keys, so she and .


3. Закончите каждое предложение, используя глагол (в правильной форме) + down.

  1. I stopped writing and my pen.
  2. I was really angry. It took me a long time to .
  3. The train as it approached the station.
  4. Sarah applied to study medicine at university, but she .
  5. Our car is very reliable. It has never .
  6. I need to spend less money. I’m going to on things I don’t really need.
  7. I didn’t play very well. I felt that I had the other players in the team.
  8. Key
  9. The shop because it was losing money.
  10. This is a very ugly building. Many people would like it to .
  11. I can’t understand why you the chance of working abroad for a year. It would have been a great experience for you.
  12. A: Did you see the accident? What happened exactly?
    B: A man by a car as he was crossing the road.
  13. Peter got married when he was 20, but unfortunately the marriage a few years later.