Business English / Деловой английский

Business English или Деловой английский поможет улучшить ваш Английский язык. Курс делового английского подготовлен BBC (©) для изучающих английский со среднего уровня (intermediate) и выше, и для тех, кто хочет использовать английский для работы. Т.к. для этого курса вы должны уже понимать английский на достаточном уровне, дальше текст будет только на английском.

Business English will help you to make your English better. This is a self-studying course, however, if you have questions you can ask them in the forms under a lesson.

Business terms and everyday phrases are explained under this icon: see the meaning - just move the mouse over the icon and you'll see the meaning of a term or a phrase.

The exercises in the course are of many different kinds. You'll find the answers in the answer key Key under the exercise. Move over the key icon to see the answer. It could be a straight answer or a 'model' answer or a short commentary to see if you have understood the material properly.

There are a lot of recordings for the dialogues. You'll find a small player before such a dialogue. You can practise listening for meaning and listening for pronunciation. Listen to how the dialogues are spoken, to the rhythm and intonation of the speech. As you get to know the dialogues, try saying the words along with the speakers.

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The list of lessons above can't be grouped, that's why here are groups of lessons below if you'd like to learn only some particular information from the course:

The factory and the firm: lessons 1-2
People and jobs: lessons 3-5
The daily routine: lessons 6-8
A sales conference: lessons 9-10
Exploiting a market opportunity: lessons 11-13
Planning: lessons 14-16
An overseas contract: lessons 17-18
Money: lessons 19-21
Market forces: lessons 22-24

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