Сравнительная степень 3: as ... as / than

Урок 107

Начало темы см. в уроке 105.


Изучите следующую ситуацию:

Sarah, Joe and David are all very rich. Sarah has £20 million, Joe has £15 million and David has £10 million. So:

Joe is rich.
He is richer than David.
But he isn’t as rich as Sarah.
(= Sarah is richer than he is)

Джо богат.
Он богаче, чем Давид.
Но он не так богат, как Сара.
(= Сара богаче, чем он.)

Еще примеры с not as ... (as):

  • Richard isn’t as old as he looks. (= he looks older than he is)
    Ричард не так стар, как выглядит.
  • The town centre wasn’t as crowded as usual. (= it is usually more crowded)
    В центре города было не так много народу, как обычно.
  • Jenny didn’t do as well in the exam as she had hoped. (= she had hoped to do better)
    Дженни написала экзамен не так хорошо, как она надеялась.
  • The weather is better today. It’s not as cold. (= yesterday was colder)
    Погода сегодня лучше. Не так холодно.
  • I don’t know as many people as you do. (= you know more people)
    Я не знаю так много людей, как ты.
  • ‘How much did it cost? Fifty pounds?’ ‘No, not as much as that.’ (= less than fifty pounds)
    ‘Сколько это стоило? Пятьдесят фунтов?’ ‘Нет, не так много.’

Вы также можете сказать not so ... (as):

  • It’s not warm, but it isn’t so cold as yesterday. (= it isn’t as cold as ...)
    Не тепло, но и не так холодно, как вчера.

Less ... than схож с not as ... as:

  • I spent less money than you. (= I didn’t spend as much money as you)
    Я потратил меньше денег, чем ты.
  • The city centre was less crowded than usual. (= it wasn’t as crowded as usual)
    В центре города было меньше народу, чем обычно.

Мы также используем as ... as (но не so ... as) в утвердительных и вопросительных предложениях:

  • I’m sorry I’m late. I got here as fast as I could.
    Извините, что я опоздал. Я добрался сюда так быстро, как только мог.
  • There’s plenty of food. You can have as much as you want.
    Еды много. Бери столько, сколько хочешь.
  • Let’s walk. It’s just as quick as taking the bus.
    Пошли пешком. Это так же быстро, как на автобусе.
  • Can you send me the money as soon as possible, please?
    Можешь отправить мне деньги как можно быстрее, пожалуйста?

Также twice as ... as, three times as ... as и др. :

  • Petrol is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago.
    Бензин в два раза дороже, чем был несколько лет назад.
  • Their house is about three times as big as ours.
    Их дом почти в три раза больше, чем наш.

Мы говорим the same as (not the same like):

  • Laura’s salary is the same as mine. or Laura gets the same salary as me.
    Зарплата Лоры такая же, как у меня. или Лора получает такую же зарплату, как я.
  • David is the same age as James.
    Давид такого же возраста, как Джеймс.
  • ‘What would you like to drink?’ ‘I’ll have the same as you.’
    ‘Что будешь пить?’ ‘То же, что и ты.’

Than me / than I am и т.п.

Вы можете сказать:

You’re taller than I am.
You’re taller than me.
(обычно не You’re taller than I) Ты выше меня. (досл.: чем я.)
He’s not as clever as she is.
He’s not as clever as her.
Он не такой умный, как она.
They have more money than we have.
They have more money than us.
У них больше денег, чем у нас.
I can’t run as fast as he can.
I can’t run as fast as him.
Я не могу так быстро бегать, как он.


1. Закончите предложения, используя as ... as.

  1. I’m quite tall, but you are taller. I’m not .
  2. My salary is high, but yours is higher. My salary isn’t .
  3. You know a bit about cars, but I know more. You don’t .
  4. It’s still cold, but it was colder yesterday. It isn’t .
  5. I still feel quite tired, but I felt a lot more tired yesterday. I don’t .
  6. Our neighbours have lived here for quite a long time, but we’ve lived here longer. Our neighbours haven’t .
  7. I was a bit nervous before the interview, but usually I’m a lot more nervous. I wasn’t .


2. Напишите новое предложение с тем же значением.

  1. Richard is younger than he looks.
  2. I didn’t spend as much money as you.
  3. The station was nearer than I thought.
  4. The meal didn’t cost as much as I expected.
  5. I go out less than I used to.
  6. Karen’s hair isn’t as long as it used to be.
  7. I know them better than you do.
  8. There are fewer people at this meeting than at the last one.


3. Закончите предложения, используя as ... as + следующее:

bad comfortable fast long often quietly soon well well-qualified

  1. I’m sorry I’m late. I got here I could.
  2. It was a difficult question. I answered it I could.
  3. ‘How long can I stay with you?’ ‘You can stay you like.’
  4. I need the information quickly, so let me know possible.
  5. I like to keep fit, so I go swimming I can.
  6. I didn’t want to wake anybody, so I came in I could.
  7. Key
    В следующих предложениях используйте just as ... as.
  8. I’m going to sleep on the floor. It’s the bed.
  9. Why did he get the job rather than me? I’m him.
  10. At first I thought he was nice, but really he’s everybody else.


4. Напишите предложения, используя the same as.

  1. David and James are both 22 years old.
  2. You and I both have dark brown hair.
  3. I arrived at 10.25 and so did you.
  4. My birthday is 5 April. Tom’s birthday is 5 April too.


5. Закончите предложения с than ... или as ... .

  1. I can’t reach as high as you. You are taller .
  2. He doesn’t know much. I know more .
  3. I don’t work particularly hard. Most people work as hard .
  4. We were very surprised. Nobody was more surprised .
  5. She’s not a very good player. I’m a better player .
  6. They’ve been very lucky. I wish we were as lucky .