Глагол + предлоги: in / into / with / to / on

Урок 136
Глагол + in

believe IN ...

  • Do you believe in God? (= Do you believe that God exists?)
    Вы верите в Бога?
  • I believe in saying what I think. (= I believe it is right to say what I think)
    Я считаю, что нужно говорить то, что думаешь.


believe something’ (= верить, что это правда), ‘believe somebody’ (= верить в то, что они говорят правду)

  • The story can’t be true. I don’t believe it. (not believe in it)
    Эта история не может быть правдой. Я не верю (этому).

specialise IN ...

  • Helen is a lawyer. She specialises in company law.
    Елена – юрист. Она специализируется на корпоративном праве.

succeed IN ... – достигать цели, преуспевать

  • I hope you succeed in finding the job you want.
    Я надеюсь, что тебе удастся найти работу, которую ты хочешь.
Глагол + into

break INTO ... – вламываться, проникнуть в помещение путём преодоления физического препятствия; взломать

  • Our house was broken into a few days ago, but nothing was stolen.
    В наш дом проникли несколько дней назад, но ничего не украли.

crash / drive / bump / run INTO ...

  • He lost control of the car and crashed into a wall.
    Он потерял управление машиной и врезался в стену.

divide / cut / split something INTO two or more parts

  • The book is divided into three parts.
    Книга состоит из трёх частей.

translate a book etc. FROM one language INTO another

  • Ernest Hemingway’s books have been translated into many languages.
    Книги Эрнеста Хемингуэя переведены на многие языки.
Глагол + with

collide WITH ...

  • There was an accident this morning. A bus collided with a car.
    Этим утром произошла авария. Автобус столкнулся с машиной.

fill something WITH ... (но full of... - см. урок 131B)

  • Take this saucepan and fill it with water.
    Возьми эту кастрюлю и наполни ее водой.

provide / supply somebody WITH ...

  • The school provides all its students with books.
    Школа обеспечивает всех своих учеников книгами.
Глагол + to

happen TO ...

  • What happened to that gold watch you used to have? (= where is it now?)
    Что случилось с золотыми часами, которые ты раньше носил?

invite somebody TO a party / a wedding etc.

  • They only invited a few people to their wedding.
    Они пригласили только несколько человек на свою свадьбу.

prefer one thing/person TO another

  • I prefer tea to coffee.
    Я предпочитаю чай (а не) кофе.
Глагол + on

concentrate ON ...

  • Don’t look out of the window. Concentrate on your work.
    Не смотри в окно. Сосредоточься на своей работе.

insist ON ...

  • I wanted to go alone, but some friends of mine insisted on coming with me.
    Я хотел пойти один, но (некоторые) мои друзья настояли на том, чтобы пойти со мной.

spend (money) ON ...

  • How much do you spend on food each week?
    Сколько ты тратишь на еду каждую неделю?


1. Закончите второе предложение так, чтобы оно означало то же самое, что и первое.

  1. There was a collision between a bus and a car.
  2. I don’t mind big cities, but I prefer small towns.
  3. I got all the information I needed from Jane.
  4. This morning I bought a pair of shoes, which cost £70.


2. Закончите предложения, используя следующие глаголы (в правильной форме) + правильный предлог:

believe concentrate divide drive fill happen insist invite succeed

  1. I wanted to go alone, but Sue coming with me.
  2. I haven’t seen Mike for ages. I wonder what has him.
  3. We’ve been the party, but unfortunately we can’t go.
  4. It’s a very large house. It’s four flats.
  5. I don’t ghosts. I think people only imagine that they see them.
  6. Steve gave me an empty bucket and told me to it water.
  7. I was driving along when the car in front of me stopped suddenly. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop in time and the back of it.
  8. Don’t try and do two things together. one thing at a time.
  9. It wasn’t easy, but in the end we finding a solution to the problem.


3. Вставьте правильный предлог. Если предлог не нужен, оставьте поле ввода пустым.

  1. The school provides all its students books.
  2. A strange thing happened me a few days ago.
  3. Mark decided to give up sport so that he could concentrate his studies.
  4. I don’t believe working very hard. It’s not worth it.
  5. My present job isn’t wonderful, but I prefer it what I did before.
  6. I hope you succeed getting what you want.
  7. As I was coming out of the room, I collided somebody who was coming in.
  8. There was an awful noise as the car crashed a tree.
  9. Patrick is a photographer. He specialises sports photography.
  10. Key
  11. Do you spend much money clothes?
  12. The country is divided six regions.
  13. I prefer travelling by train driving. It’s much more pleasant.
  14. I was amazed when Joe walked into the room. I couldn’t believe it.
  15. Somebody broke my car and stole the radio.
  16. I was quite cold, but Tom insisted having the window open.
  17. Some words are difficult to translate one language another.
  18. What happened the money I lent you? What did you spend it ?
  19. The teacher decided to split the class four groups.
  20. I filled the tank, but unfortunately I filled it the wrong kind of petrol.


4. Закончите эти предложения, используя свои собственные идеи. Используйте предлог.

  1. I wanted to go out alone, but my friend insisted
  2. I spend a lot of money
  3. I saw the accident. The car crashed
  4. Chris prefers basketball
  5. Shakespeare’s plays have been translated