Прилагательные + предлоги: of/to, about/with, at/by/with; sorry about/for (устойчивые сочетания, часть 1)

Урок 130
It was nice of you to ...

nice / kind / good / generous / polite / stupid / silly etc. OF somebody (to do something)

  • Thank you. It was very kind of you to help me.
    Спасибо. Очень любезно с вашей стороны помочь мне.
  • It is stupid of me to go out without a coat in such cold weather.
    Как глупо с моей стороны выйти на улицу без куртки в такую холодную погоду.

но (be) nice / kind / good / generous / polite / rude / friendly / cruel etc. TO somebody

  • They have always been very nice to me. (not with me)
    Они всегда были добры ко мне.
  • Why were you so unfriendly to Lucy?
    Почему ты был так недружелюбен (по отношению) к Люси?
Прилагательное + about / with

angry / annoyed / furious


ABOUT something
WITH somebody FOR doing something

  • It’s stupid to get angry about things that don’t matter.
    Глупо сердиться по мелочам. (досл.: сердиться о вещах, которые не имеют значения)
  • Are you annoyed with me for being late?
    Ты недоволен мною за то, что я опоздала?

excited / worried / upset / nervous / happy etc. ABOUT a situation

  • Are you excited about going away next week?
    Ты взволнован по поводу того, что уезжаешь на следующей неделе?
  • Lisa is upset about not being invited to the party.
    Лиза расстроилась из-за того, что ее не пригласили на вечеринку.

delighted / pleased / satisfied / happy / disappointed WITH something you receive, or the result of something (чем-то, что вы получили, или результатом чего-либо)

  • I was delighted with the present you gave me.
    Я была восхищена подарком, который ты мне подарил.
  • Were you happy with your exam results?
    Ты был доволен результатами экзамена?
Прилагательное + at / by / with

surprised / shocked / amazed / astonished AT / BY something

  • Everybody was surprised AT (or BY) the news.
    Все были удивлены новостями.
  • I hope you weren’t shocked BY (or AT) what I said.
    Надеюсь, что ты не был шокирован тем, что я сказала.

impressed WITH / BY somebody/something

  • I’m very impressed with (or by) her English. It’s very good.
    Я очень впечатлен ее английским языком. Он очень хорош.

fed up / bored WITH something

  • I don’t enjoy my job any more. I’m fed up with it. / I’m bored with it.
    Мне больше не нравится моя работа. Я сыт ею по горло. / Мне она надоела/наскучила.
Sorry about / for

sorry ABOUT a situation or something that happened (о ситуации или чем-то, что произошло)

  • I’m sorry about the mess. I’ll clear it up later.
    Извини за беспорядок. Я приберусь позже.
  • We’re all sorry about Julie losing her job.
    Мы все сожалеем о том, что Юля потеряла работу.

sorry FOR / ABOUT something you did

  • Alex is very sorry for what he said. (or sorry about what he said)
    Алекс очень сожалеет о том, что сказал.
  • I’m sorry for shouting at you yesterday. (or sorry about shouting)
    Я извиняюсь за то, что накричал на тебя вчера.

Вы также можете сказать ‘I’m sorry I (did something)’:

  • I’m sorry I shouted at you yesterday.
    Я извиняюсь, что накричал на тебя вчера.

feel / be sorry FOR somebody who is in a bad situation (за кого-то, кто находится в плохой ситуации)

  • I feel sorry for Matt. He’s had a lot of bad luck. (not I feel sorry about Matt)
    Мне жаль Мэтта. Ему очень не повезло.


1. Напишите предложения, используя nice of ... , kind of ... и др.

  1. — I went out in the cold without a coat. (silly)
  2. — Sue offered to drive me to the airport. (nice)
    — That was her.
  3. — I needed money and Tom gave me some. (generous)
    — That .
  4. — They didn’t invite us to their party. (not very nice)
    — That .
  5. — Can I help you with your luggage? (very kind)
  6. — Kevin didn’t thank me for the present. (not very polite)
  7. — They’ve had an argument and now they refuse to speak to each other. (a bit childish)


2. Закончите предложения, используя следующие прилагательные + правильный предлог:

annoyed annoyed astonished bored excited impressed kind sorry

  1. Are you going away next week?
  2. Thank you for all your help. You’ve been very me.
  3. I wouldn’t like to be in her position. I feel her.
  4. What have I done wrong? Why are you me?
  5. Why do you always get so things that don’t matter?
  6. I wasn’t very the service in the restaurant. We had to wait ages before our food arrived.
  7. Ben isn’t very happy at college. He says he’s the course he’s doing.
  8. I had never seen so many people before. I was the crowds.


3. Вставьте правильный предлог.

  1. I was delighted the present you gave me.
  2. It was very nice you to do my shopping for me. Thank you very much.
  3. Why are you always so rude your parents? Can’t you be nice them?
  4. It was careless you to leave the door unlocked when you went out.
  5. They didn’t reply to our letter, which wasn’t very polite them.
  6. We always have the same food every day. I’m fed up it.
  7. I can’t understand people who are cruel animals.
  8. We enjoyed our holiday, but we were a bit disappointed the hotel.
  9. I was surprised the way he behaved. It was completely out of character.
  10. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish, but I’m not very satisfied my progress.
  11. Linda doesn’t look very well. I’m worried her.
  12. Key
  13. Are you angry what happened?
  14. I’m sorry what I did. I hope you’re not angry me.
  15. The people next door are furious us making so much noise last night.
  16. Jill starts her new job next week. She’s quite excited it.
  17. I’m sorry the smell of paint in this room. I’ve just decorated it.
  18. I was shocked what I saw. I’d never seen anything like it before.
  19. The man we interviewed for the job was intelligent, but we weren’t very impressed his appearance.
  20. Are you still upset what I said to you yesterday?
  21. He said he was sorry the situation, but there was nothing he could do.
  22. I felt sorry the children when we went on holiday. It rained every day and they had to spend most of the time indoors.