Союз As - в то время как; так как

Урок 116
As = в то время как

Вы можете использовать as, когда два события происходят в одно время:

  • We all waved goodbye to Liz as she drove away. (We waved and she drove away at the same time)
    Мы все помахали Лизе, когда она уезжала. (Мы махали, и одна уезжала в одно и то же время)
  • I watched her as she opened the letter.
    Я смотрел на нее, когда она открыла письмо.
  • As I walked along the street, I looked in the shop windows.
    В то время, как я шёл по улице, я смотрел на витрины магазинов.
  • Can you turn off the light as you go out, please?
    Можешь, пожалуйста, выключить свет, когда будешь выходить?

Или вы можете сказать, что что-то произошло, пока вы делали что-то другое (in the middle of doing something else - continuous):

  • Kate slipped as she was getting off the bus.
    Катя поскользнулась, когда выходила из автобуса.
  • We met Paul as we were leaving the hotel.
    Мы встретили Пола, когда выходили из гостиницы.

О past continuous (was getting / were going и т.п.), см. урок 6.

Вы также можете использовать just as (= exactly at that moment = как раз/именно в тот момент):

  • Just as I sat down, the phone rang.
    Как только я сел, зазвонил телефон.
  • I had to leave just as the conversation was getting interesting.
    Мне пришлось уйти именно тогда, когда разговор становился всё интереснее.

Мы также используем as, когда два события происходят вместе во время более долгого промежутка времени:

  • As the day went on, the weather got worse.
    С течением дня погода становилась хуже.
  • I began to enjoy the job more as I got used to it.
    Моя работа начала нравиться мне больше, когда я привык к ней.

Сравните as и when:

Мы используем as только, если два события происходят в одно время.

Используйте when (не as), если одно событие происходит после другого.

  • As we walked home, we talked about what we would have for dinner. (= at the same time) Пока мы шли домой, ...
  • When we got home, we started cooking the dinner. (not As we got home) Когда мы пришли домой, ...
As = так как

As также означает ‘так как; поскольку; потому что’:

  • As I was hungry, I decided to find somewhere to eat. (= because I was hungry)
    Т.к. я был голодный, я решил найти какое-нибудь место, чтобы поесть. (= потому что был голодный)
  • As it was a public holiday last Thursday, most of the shops were shut. (= because it was a public holiday)
    Поскольку это был государственный праздник ...
  • As we have plenty of time before our flight, let’s go and have a coffee.
  • Yesterday we watched television all evening as we didn’t have anything better to do.
  • As I don’t often watch television any more, I’ve decided to give my TV set to a friend of mine.

В этом значении вы также можете использовать since:

  • Since we have plenty of time, let’s go and have a coffee.
    Т.к. у нас полно времени, пошли выпьем чашечку кофе.

Сравните as и when:

  • I couldn’t contact David as he was away on holiday and he doesn’t have a mobile phone. (= because he was away)
  • David’s passport was stolen when he was away on holiday. (= during the time he was away)
  • As they lived near us, we used to see them quite often. (= because they lived near us)
  • When they lived near us, we used to see them quite often. (= at the time they lived near us)


1. (Раздел A) Соедините предложения из рамочек, используя as.

1. we all waved goodbye to Liz
2. we all smiled
3. I burnt myself
4. the crowd cheered
5. a dog ran out in front of the car
we were driving along the road
I was taking a hot dish out of the oven
she drove away
we posed for the photograph
the two teams ran onto the field


2. (Раздел Б) Соедините предложения из рамочек. Начните каждое предложение с as.

1. it was a public holiday
2. it was a nice day
3. we didn’t want to wake anybody up
4. the door was open
5. none of us had a watch
I went in
we came in very quietly
most of the shops were shut
we didn’t know what time it was
we went for a walk by the sea


3. Отметьте галочкой что означает as в этих предложениях?

1 = because или так как; поскольку; потому что
2 = at the same time as или в то время как; когда; пока

As they live near me, I see them quite often.
Kate slipped as she was getting off the bus.
As I was tired, I went to bed early.
Unfortunately, as I was parking the car, I hit the car behind.
As we climbed the hill, we got more and more tired.
We decided to go out to eat as we had no food at home.
As we don’t use the car very often, we’ve decided to sell it.


4. В некоторых из этих предложений вам нужно использовать when (а не as). Исправьте предложения там, где необходимо.

Julia got married as she was 22.
As the day went on, the weather got worse.
He dropped the glass as he was taking it out of the cupboard.
My camera was stolen as I was asleep on the beach.
As I left school, I went to work in a shop.
The train slowed down as it approached the station.
I used to live near the sea as I was a child.


5. Закончите эти предложения, используя свои собственные идеи.

  1. I saw you as
  2. It started to rain just as
  3. As I didn’t have enough money for a taxi,
  4. Just as I took the photograph,