Тема / Топик по английскому языку:
Environmental Protection

Economists have long thought of the environment as an unlimited source of resources. They have thought that the atmosphere, forests, rivers and seas are capable of absorbing all the rubbish the economy throws into them. In fact, the economy and the environment are closely related. The environment supplies the economy with all its resources, such as water, timber, minerals and oil. The environment has to absorb all its waste products.

Nevertheless, some economists have always argued that pollution damages the resources. For example, pumping waste gases from a power station does not get rid of them. The waste gases cause acid rain; this leads to forest damage an therefore reduces the resources of forestry industry.

There are many consequences of damaging the environment. One of them is acid rain. Another one is water shortage resulting from abuse of arable lands in agriculture. The third one is destroying the ozone layer of the Earth through pollution from factories and plants. The fourth problem is damage to water and soils. The fifth one is damage to wildlife: numerous species of animals and plants can disappear. Lastly, the most serious danger arising from damaging the environment is the result of the above-mentioned consequences. This is the danger for the life and health of the man.

The territories of the former Soviet Union are suffering many environmental problems. Many of these problems have been caused by economic activities. Apart from the effect of the Chernobyl disaster, the worst problem is probably in the area around the Aral Sea. Cotton growing in the region has used huge quantities of water, and the sea’s level has fallen by 14 yards. This destroyed fishing industry and led to a damage in soils, crops and wildlife. Many forests in the north of European Russia and the Far East are under threat. A system of dams on the Volga has caused damage to fish.

If we are unable to learn to use the environment carefully and protect it from damage caused by man’s activities, very soon we’ll have no world to live in.

Topical Vocabulary

environmental protection
защита окружающей среды
- environment
окружающая среда
an unlimited source of resources
неисчерпаемый источник ресурсов
to absorb smth.
поглощать что-либо
to be closely related
быть тесно связанным
to supply the economy with resources
обеспечивать экономику ресурсами
лес (как объект промышленного использования)
waste products
- pollution
загрязнение окружающей среды
to damage the resources
нанести вред ресурсам
to pump waste gases
выбрасывать отработанные газы
to cause acid rain
вызвать кислотный дождь
to lead to damage
привести к повреждениям
to reduce the resources of smth.
сократить ресурсы чего-либо
- a consequence of smth., doing smth.
последствие чего-либо
water shortage
нехватка воды
to result from smth.
быть результатом чего-либо
abuse of arable lands
неправильное использование земель
destroying the ozone layer
разрушение озонового слоя
damage to water and soils
вред водам и почвам
damage to wildlife
вред дикой природе
species of animals and plants
виды животных и растений
to arise from doing smth.
возникать вследствие чего-либо
- to suffer an environmental problem
сталкиваться с проблемой окружающей среды
to be caused by economic activities
быть вызванным экономической деятельностью
the effect of the Chernobyl disaster
последствия Чернобыльской катастрофы
cotton growing
to be under threat
быть под угрозой
a system of dams
система плотин
- to use the environment carefully
осторожно использовать окружающую среду
to protect smth. from damage
защитить что-либо от повреждений

Answer the questions:

  1. What have many economists thought of the environment?
  2. Why do some economists think that pollution damages the resources?
  3. What are the consequences of damaging the environment?
  4. What environmental problems do the territories of the former Soviet Union suffer?
  5. What could happen if we don’t learn to use the environment carefully?

Translate into English:

  1. Окружающая среда - это не неиссякаемый источник ресурсов.
  2. Окружающая среда не может поглощать все отходы, которые экономика выбрасывает.
  3. Окружающая среда обеспечивает экономику ресурсами.
  4. Загрязнение окружающей среды вызывает кислотный дождь.
  5. Загрязнение окружающей среды сокращает ресурсы промышленности.
  6. Чрезмерное использование земель ведет к нехватке водных ресурсов.
  7. Выбросы отходов в воздух разрушают озоновый слой Земли.
  8. Выбросы отходов наносят вред земле, почве и дикой природе.
  9. Среди проблем окружающей среды на территории бывшего СССР - последствия Чернобыльской катастрофы, проблема Аральского моря и другие.
  10. Мы должны научиться бережно использовать окружающую среду.