Тема / Топик по английскому языку:

London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is the largest city in Europe and one of the largest cities in the world with the population of 11 million people. About a fifth of the total population of the UK lives in the Greater London area, that is in London and its suburbs.

London is home for the headquarters of all government departments, Parliament, the major legal institutions and the monarch. It is the country’s business and banking centre and the centre of its transport network. It contains the headquarters of the national television networks and of all the national newspapers.

The original walled city of London founded by Romans was quite small. In the middle ages it did not contain the Parliament or the royal Court, because it would have interfered with the interests of the merchants and traders who lived there. It was in Westminster, another city outside London’s walls, that these national institutions met. Today, both «cities» are just two areas in Central London. The City is home to London’s main financial organizations. The Royal Exchange, the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England are situated there. During the daytime, nearly a million people work there, but less than 8 000 people actually live there.

Other well-known areas of London are the West End and the East End. The former is known for its many theatres, cinemas, luxurious hotels and restaurants and expensive shops. The latter is known as the poorer residential area of Central London; the Port of London is situated there.

The two districts of London, the City of Westminster and the West End are the main tourist attractions in London. Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and quite a number of world-famous museums are all located in this area.

There are many other parts of central London which have their own characteristics, and Central London itself makes up only a very small part of Greater London. The majority of Londoners live in its suburbs, millions of them travelling into the centre each day to work. These suburbs cover a vast area of land.

London is a cosmopolitan city. People of several races and many nationalities live there. A survey carried out in the 1980-ies found that 137 different languages were spoken in the homes of just one district of London.

Topical Vocabulary

- the total population
зд.: все население
the Greater London area
Большой Лондон
a suburb
- to be home for smth.
быть местом нахождения чего-либо
the headquarters of smth.
центральное учреждение какой-либо организации
a government department
власть (как часть правительства)
the major legal institutions
главные судебные учреждения
the monarch
the country’s business and banking centre
центр банковского дела и бизнеса страны
transport network
транспортная сеть
to contain smth.
содержать что-либо
the national television network
телевизионная сеть
- the original walled city
первоначальный город, обнесенный стеной
to be founded by Romans
быть основанным римлянами
in the middle ages
в средние века
the Parliament
the royal Court
Королевский суд
to interfere with the interests of smb.
противоречить интересам кого-либо
a merchant
a trader
a national institution
общенациональное учреждение, институт
a financial organization
финансовая организация
the Royal Exchange
Лондонская биржа
the Stock Exchange
Фондовая биржа
the Bank of England
Банк Англии
during the daytime
в дневное время
- an area
the former
первый (из двух перечисленных)
a luxurious hotel
роскошный отель
an expensive shop
дорогой магазин
the latter
второй (из двух перечисленных)
a poorer residential area
зд.: бедный жилой район
- a district
район (города)
the main tourist attraction
основной предмет интереса туристов
to be located in
быть расположенным в
- to make up a small part of smth.
составлять небольшую часть чего-либо
the majority of Londoners
большинство лондонцев
to travel into the centre
ехать в центр
to cover a vast area of land
быть расположенным на большой площади
- a cosmopolitan city
многонациональный город
a race
a nationality
to carry out a survey
производить обзор

Answer the questions:

  1. What is the population of London?
  2. What part does London play in the life of the United Kingdom?
  3. What is the history of Westminster and the City of London?
  4. What are the West End and the East End known for?
  5. What is the main tourist attraction in London?
  6. Where do the majority of Londoners live?
  7. What proves that London is a cosmopolitan city?

Translate into English:

  1. B Лондоне, столице Великобритании, и его пригородах проживает примерно одна пятая часть всего населения страны.
  2. Население Центрального Лондона и его пригородов составляет 11 миллионов человек.
  3. Центральный Лондон с его пригородами известны под названием «Большой Лондон».
  4. В Лондоне расположены все центральные органы правительственных организаций страны и крупнейшие судебные организации.
  5. Лондон - центр банковского дела, бизнеса и транспорта; в нем расположены все крупнейшие финансовые организации.
  6. Современные Вестминстер и Сити - это два района в Центральном Лондоне.
  7. В средние века в первом находились парламент и Королевский суд; во втором жили купцы и торговцы.
  8. В Вест-Энде, известной районе Лондона, много роскошных отелей и магазинов, театров и кинотеатров.
  9. Ист-Энд - бедный район города.
  10. В многонациональном Лондоне живут люди многих рас и национальностей.