Тема / Топик по английскому языку:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the greatest composers of the world. Schubert said that «the magic of his music lights the darkness of our lives». Haydn believed him to be «the greatest composer». His music enchants and amazes music lovers. He was only 35 when he died in 1791. He had composed some 626 pieces: 24 operas, 49 symphonies, over 40 concerts, 26 string quartets. His most famous operas are «The Magic Flute» and «The Marriage of Figaro».

Mozart was born in Salzburg in 1756 and started his career at a young age. His musician father taught him how to play one of the instruments at the age of three. Two years later, he gave his son a small violin; a few days later Wolfgang asked a group of musicians if he could join in. They laughingly agreed, but were surprised when he played his part perfectly. Mozart’s father was quick to exploit his son’s talent. Together with his sister, two years older and also very gifted, they toured Europe.

At the age of six, Wolfgang performed for Empress Maria Theresa. By the age of eight he had toured London, Paris, Rome, Geneva, etc. Four sonatas were published before he was nine. He could write down complex pieces after just one hearing. When he was only 14 years old, Wolfgang was appointed director of the Archbishop of Salzburg’s orchestra. He argued with him and left for Paris in 1977. In 1781 he settled in Vienna. Here Mozart had his most productive years. He was very famous and met all the great figures of his time. But then suddenly the Vienna aristocracy grew tired of him. He lost pupils and contracts and had to move from his comfortable house to a modest flat. The genius was forgotten. In 1791 Mozart died and was buried in a ditch in the Cemetery of St. Mark in Vienna.

Topical Vocabulary

- to be one of the greatest composers
быть одним из величайших композиторов в мире
to enchant smb.
очаровывать кого-либо
to amaze smb.
удивлять кого-либо
to compose smth.
писать музыку
a piece
музыкальное произведение
an opera
a symphony
a concert
a string quartet
струнный квартет
«The Magic Flute»
«Волшебная флейта»
«The Marriage of Figaro»
«Женитьба Фигаро»
- to start one’s career at a young age
рано начать карьеру
musician father
to join in
to play one’s part perfectly
прекрасно сыграть свою партию
to exploit one’s talent
использовать чей-либо талант
- to perform for smb.
играть для кого-либо
to be published
быть опубликованным
to be appointed director of smth.
быть назначенным директором чего-либо
to have one’s most productive years
провести самые плодотворные годы
to lose pupils and contracts
потерять учеников и контракты
a genius
to be buried
быть похороненным

Answer the questions:

  1. What kind of music did Mozart compose?
  2. How many musical pieces did he compose? What are their most important types?
  3. How did Mozart start his career?
  4. In what way did Mozart’s father exploit his son’s talent?
  5. What were Mozart’s achievements by the age of 14?
  6. What were Mozart’s most productive years?
  7. Where was he buried?

Translate into English:

  1. Музыка Моцарта, одного из величайших композиторов, очаровывает и поражает.
  2. Моцарт написал 626 музыкальных произведений, в том числе оперы, симфонии, концерты, сонаты, струнные квартеты и т. д.
  3. Музыкальная карьера Моцарта началась, когда ему было три года - его отец-музыкант научил его играть на одном из музыкальных инструментов.
  4. В 5 лет Моцарт сам научился играть на скрипке и блестяще сыграл свою первую партию в квартете.
  5. Вместе со своей одаренной сестрой и отцом, использовавшим их музыкальные таланты, Моцарт объехал многие страны.
  6. В возрасте 14 лет Моцарт был назначен директором оркестра Архиепископа Зальцбурга.
  7. В Вене Моцарт провел самые плодотворные годы своей жизни.
  8. Вскоре Моцарт потерял учеников и контракты; гений был забыт.