Тема / Топик по английскому языку:

One of Russia’s most celebrated poets of all times, Michael Lermontov was born in Moscow in the family of a nobleman. He spent his childhood and youth at Tarckany, his grandmother’s estate in the province of Penza. In 1830 Lermontov entered the Moscow University, but very soon had to leave it. Then he entered St Petersburg School of Cavalry Cadets. He finished it in 1834 and served in the Hussar Regiment of the Imperial Guard.

In 1837 the poet was exiled to the Caucasus for his poem on Pushkin’s death, in which he put blame for it on the ruling circles of Russia under Nicholas I. In 1841 Lermontov was exiled to the Caucasus for the second time. As a result of the intrigues by the officers he was provoked into a personal quarrel with a schoolmate of his. The quarrel led to a duel. On July 15, 1841 the poet was killed. He was not twenty seven at the time.

Lermontov began writing when he was very young. One of his first writings to be published was his verse tale «Hadji Abrek». But he won fame as a poet after his poem on Pushkin’s death was published. Lermontov’s poems «Demon», «Mtsyri» and «Lay of the Merchant Kalashnikov», his innumerable lyrics, his great novel «А Hero of Our Time» and his play «Masquerade» are masterpieces of Russian literature. Whether he chose to write poetry, prose or drama, the stamp of his genius was to be found on his works.

The poet was greatly influenced in his writings by the ideas of the Decembrist movement. Lermontov’s influence as a poet and a thinker on all Russian writers can’t be overestimated.

Topical Vocabulary

- Russia’s most celebrated poet of all times
самый знаменитый поэт России всех времен
in the family of a nobleman
в семье аристократа
an estate
School of Cavalry Cadets
Школа кавалерийских юнкеров
to serve
the Hussar Regiment of the Imperial Guard
гусарский гвардейский полк
- to be exiled to
быть сосланным (на Кавказ)
to put blame for smth. on smb.
возложить вину за что-либо на кого-либо
the ruling circles of
правящие круги (России)
the intrigues by the officers
интриги офицеров
to be provoked into a personal quarrel
спровоцировать кого-либо на ссору
to lead to a duel
привести к дуэли
- a writing
работа, произведение
to publish
a verse tale
сказка в стихах
to win fame as a poet
прославиться в качестве поэта
лирика, лирические стихи
a novel
a masterpiece of Russian literature
шедевр русской литературы
the stamp of one’s genius
печать гения
- to be greatly influenced by smth.
испытать влияние со стороны чего-либо
the Decembrist movement
движение декабристов
to be overestimated
быть переоцененным

Answer the questions:

  1. What kind of education did Lermontov get?
  2. Why was he exiled to the Caucasus?
  3. What works by Lermontov do you know?
  4. What was he influenced in his writings by?

Translate into English:

  1. Лермонтов - один из знаменитейших поэтов России всех времен.
  2. Лермонтов окончил Петербургскую школу кавалерийских юнкеров и служил в гвардии.
  3. В стихотворении на смерть Пушкина поэт обвинял в смерти Пушкина правящие круги России.
  4. Лермонтова дважды ссылали на Кавказ.
  5. Ссора Лермонтова с одним из его школьных товарищей окончилась дуэлью.
  6. Первым опубликованным произведением Лермонтова была сказка в стихах «Хаджи Абрек».
  7. Он стал популярен как поэт после публикации стихотворения на смерть Пушкина, а также поэм.
  8. На всех его работах лежит печать гения.
  9. На произведения многих писателей оказало влияние творчество (creative work) Лермонтова.