Тема / Топик по английскому языку:
State System of Russia

Russia is a parliamentary republic. Head of State in this country is the President. The government consists of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The President controls each of them.

The legislative power is exercised by the Federal Assembly. It consists of two chambers: the Council of Federation and the State Duma. Each chamber is headed by the Speaker. A bill may be introduced in any chamber. A bill becomes a law if it is approved by both chambers and signed by the President. The President may veto the bill. He can make international treaties. The President may also appoint ministers; the Federal Assembly approves them. The members of the Federal Assembly are elected by the people for four years.

The executive power belongs to the Government, or the Cabinet of Ministers. The government is headed by the Prime Minister.

The judicial power belongs to the system of courts. It consists of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and other courts.

The national symbol of Russia is a white-blue-and-red banner. The hymn of Russia is «The Patriotic Song» by M. Glinka.

Topical Vocabulary

- a parliamentary republic
парламентская республика
Head of State
глава государства
the President
to consist of smth.
состоять из чего-либо
a branch
власть (как часть правительства)
to control smth.
контролировать что-либо
- to be exercised by
осуществляться (кем-либо, чем- либо)
the Federal Assembly
Федеральное собрание
a chamber
the Council of Federation
Совет Федерации
the State Duma
Государственная дума
to be headed by smb.
возглавляться кем-либо
the Speaker
to introduce a bill
внести законопроект
to become a law
стать законом
to be approved by smb.
быть одобренным кем-либо
to be signed by smb.
быть подписанным кем-либо
to veto a bill
вето на законопроект
to make an international treaty
заключить международный договор
to appoint a minister
назначить министра
to be elected by the people
избираться народом
- to belong to smb., smth.
принадлежать кому-либо, чему-либо
the Cabinet of Ministers
кабинет министров
the Prime Minister
- a system of courts
система судов
the Constitutional Court
Конституционный суд
the Supreme Court
Верховный суд
a banner
a hymn

Answer the questions:

  1. What branches does the Government consist of?
  2. What is the legislative power exercised by?
  3. How is a law made?
  4. What body does the executive power belong to?
  5. What does the system of courts consist of?
  6. What are the national symbols of Russia?

Translate into English:

  1. Глава парламентской республики России - президент.
  2. Законопроект становится законом, если президент не наложит на него вето.
  3. Законопроект должен быть одобрен обеими палатами и подписан президентом.
  4. Исполнительную власть представляет кабинет министров, возглавляемый премьер-министром.
  5. Судебная власть осуществляется Конституционным судом, Верховным судом и другими судами.