Неопределенные местоимения No/none/any; Nothing/nobody и др.

Урок 86

No и none

Мы используем no + существительное. No = not a или not any:

Вы можете использовать no + существительное в начале предложения:

Мы используем none без существительного:

Или мы используем none of ... :

После none of + множественное число (none of the students, none of them и др.) глагол может быть в единственном или множественном числе. Глагол во множественном числе встречается чаще:


Nothing nobody/no-one nowhere

Вы можете использовать эти отрицательные слова в начале предложения или в одиночку (как ответы на вопросы):

Вы также можете использовать эти слова после глагола, особенно после be и have:

Nothing/nobody и др. = not + anything/anybody и др. :

С nothing/nobody и др., не используйте глагол с отрицанием (isn’t, didn’t и т.п.), а при переводе на русский используйте:


Мы также используем any/anything/anybody и др. (без not), имея в виду ‘не важно который/что/кто’ (см. урок 85D). Сравните no- и any-:


После nobody/no-one можно использовать they/them/their (см. также урок 85E):


1. Закончите предложения, выбрав no, none или any.

  1. It was a public holiday, so there were shops open.
  2. I haven’t got money. Can you lend me some?
  3. We had to walk home because there were taxis.
  4. We had to walk home because there weren’t taxis.
  5. ‘How many eggs have we got?’ ‘. Do you want me to get some?’
  6. We took a few photographs, but of them were very good.
  7. What a stupid thing to do! intelligent person would do such a thing.
  8. I’ll try and answer questions you ask me.
  9. I couldn’t answer of the questions they asked me.
  10. We cancelled the party because of the people we invited were able to come.
  11. I tried to phone Chris, but there was answer.


2. Ответьте на вопросы, выбрав none/nobody/nothing/nowhere.

What did you do?
Who were you talking to?
How much luggage have you got?
Where are you going?
How many mistakes did you make?
How much did you pay?


А теперь отверьте на эти же вопросы, используя полные предложения с any/anybody/anything/anywhere.



3. Закончите эти предложения с no- или any- + -body/-thing/-where.

  1. I don’t want to drink. I’m not thirsty.
  2. The bus was completely empty. There was on it.
  3. ‘Where did you go for your holidays?’ ‘. I stayed at home.’
  4. I went to the shops, but I didn’t buy .
  5. ‘What did you buy?’ ‘. I couldn’t find I wanted.’
  6. The town is still the same as it was years ago. has changed.
  7. Have you seen my watch? I can’t find it .
  8. There was complete silence in the room. said .


4. Отметьте галочкой правильное слово.

  1. She didn’t tell nobody / anybody about her plans. (anybody - правильный вариант)
  2. The accident looked serious, but fortunately nobody / anybody was badly injured.
  3. I looked out of the window, but I couldn’t see no-one / anyone.
  4. My job is very easy. Nobody / Anybody could do it.
  5. ‘What’s in that box?’ ‘ Nothing / Anything. It’s empty.’
  6. The situation is uncertain. Nothing / Anything could happen.
  7. I don’t know nothing / anything about economics.



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