Most или most of; all или all of; no или none of и др.

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Вы можете использовать слова в рамочке с существительным (some food / few books и т.п.):

Нельзя говорить ‘all of cars’, ‘some of people’ и др. (см. также раздел B):

Заметьте, что мы говорим most - ‘большинство’ (not the most):


Слова в рамочке можно использовать с of (some of / most of и т.п.).
Мы используем some of / most of / none of и др. + the/this/that/these/those/my ... и др. Т.е. вы можете сказать ‘some of the people’, ‘some of those people’ (но не ‘some of people’):

После all или half не обязательно ставить of. Т.е. вы можете сказать:



Вы можете использовать all of / some of / none of и др. + it/us/you/them:

Мы говорим: all of us / all of you / half of it / half of them и др. Убрать of перед it/us/you/them нельзя:


Вы также можете использовать some/most и др. без существительного:


1. Выберите of, если необходимо, либо оставьте поле пустым.

  1. All cars have wheels. ☑
  2. None this money is mine.
  3. Some films are very violent.
  4. Some the films I’ve seen recently have been very violent.
  5. Joe never goes to museums. He says that all museums are boring.
  6. I think some people watch too much television.
  7. ‘Are any those letters for me?’ ‘No, they’re all for me.’
  8. Kate has lived in London most her life.
  9. Jim has lived in Chicago all his life.
  10. Most days I get up before 7 o’clock.


2. Выберите слово или фразу из списка и закончите предложения. Используйте of (some of / most of и др.), если необходимо.

European countries
her friends
her opinions
my dinner
my spare time
the buildings
the players
the population
these books
  1. I haven’t read many .
  2. All have wheels.
  3. I spend much gardening.
  4. Many are caused by bad driving.
  5. It’s a historic town. Many are over 400 years old.
  6. When she got married, she kept it a secret. She didn’t tell any .
  7. Not many people live in the north of the country. Most live in the south.
  8. Key
  9. Not all can fly. For example, the penguin can’t fly.
  10. Our team played badly and lost the game. None played well.
  11. Julia and I have very different ideas. I don’t agree with many .
  12. Sarah travels a lot in Europe. She has been to most .
  13. I had no appetite. I could only eat half .


3. Закончите эти предложения, используя свои идеи.

  1. The building was damaged in the explosion. All were broken.
  2. We had a very lazy holiday. We spent most of on the beach.
  3. I went to the cinema by myself. None of wanted to come.
  4. The test was difficult. I could only answer half .
  5. Some of you took at the wedding were very good.
  6. ‘Have you spent all I gave you?’ ‘No, there’s still some left.’


4. Закончите предложения. Используйте:
all of / some of / none of + it/them/us (all of it / some of them etc.)

  1. These books are all Jane’s. belong to me.
  2. ‘How many of these books have you read?’ ‘. Every one.’
  3. We all got wet in the rain because had an umbrella.
  4. Some of this money is yours and is mine.
  5. I asked some people for directions, but was able to help me.
  6. She invented the whole story from beginning to end. was true.
  7. Not all the tourists in the group were Spanish. were French.
  8. I watched most of the film, but not .



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