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У многих глаголов есть конструкция глагол + предлог (preposition) (in/for/about и др.) + дополнение (object) . Например:

глагол + предлог + дополнение
We talked about the problem.
You must apologise for what you said.

Если дополнением является другой глагол, он заканчивается на -ing:

глагол + предлог + -ing (дополнение)
We talked about going to America.
You must apologise for not telling the truth.

Вот еще глаголы с такой конструкцией:

succeed (in)
преуспевать в
insist (on)
настаивать на
think (of)
думать о (строить планы, собираться)
dream (of)
мечтать, грезить о
approve (of)
decide (against)
решить не делать что-л.
feel (like)
быть склонным; хотеть
look forward (to)
ожидать с нетерпением; предвкушать
Have you succeeded in finding a job yet?
They insisted on paying for the meal.
I’m thinking of buying a house.
I wouldn’t dream of asking them for money.
He doesn’t approve of swearing.
We have decided against moving to London.
Do you feel like going out tonight?
I’m looking forward to meeting her.

Вы также можете сказать ‘approve of somebody doing something’, ‘look forward to somebody doing something’:


У следующих глаголов может быть конструкция глагол + дополнение + предлог + -ing (дополнение):

congratulate (on)
поздравлять c
accuse (of)
suspect (of)
prevent (from)
мешать, препятствовать
stop (from)
удерживать (от чего-л.), помешать
thank (for)
благодарить за
excuse (for)
извиняться за
forgive (for)

Вы можете сказать ‘stop somebody doing’ или ‘stop somebody from doing’:

Некоторые из этих глаголов часто используются в пассиве. Например:

Заметьте, что мы говорим ‘apologise to somebody for ...’:


1. Закончите каждое предложение, используя только одно слово.

  1. Our neighbours apologised for so much noise.
  2. I feel lazy. I don’t feel like any work.
  3. I wanted to go out alone, but Joe insisted on with me.
  4. I’m fed up with my job. I’m thinking of something else.
  5. We have decided against a new car because we can’t really afford it.
  6. I hope you get in touch with me soon. I’m looking forward to from you.
  7. The weather was extremely bad and this prevented us from out.
  8. The man who has been arrested is suspected of a false passport.
  9. I think you should apologise to Sue for so rude to her.
  10. Some parents don’t approve of their children a lot of television.
  11. I’m sorry I can’t come to your party, but thank you very much for me.


2. Закончите каждое предложение, используя предлог + один из следующих глаголов (в правильной форме):

carry cause escape go interrupt live see solve spend walk

  1. Do you feel out this evening?
  2. It took us a long time, but we finally succeeded the problem.
  3. I’ve always dreamed in a small house by the sea.
  4. The driver of the other car accused me the accident.
  5. There’s a fence around the lawn to stop people on the grass.
  6. Excuse me you, but may I ask you something?
  7. Where are you thinking your holiday this year?
  8. The guards weren’t able to prevent the prisoner .
  9. My bag wasn’t very heavy, but Dan insisted it for me.
  10. It’s a pity Paul can’t come to the parry. I was really looking forward him.


3. Закончите предложения под картинкой.



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