Фразовые глаголы: предлоги away и back

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Сравните предлоги away и back:

away = away from home = вдали от дома

back = back home = вернуться домой

  • We’re going away on holiday today.
    Сегодня мы уезжаем в отпуск.
  • We’ll be back in three weeks.
    Мы вернемся через три недели.

away = away from a place, a person etc.

back = back to a place, a person etc.

  • The woman got into her car and drove away.
    Женщина села в машину и уехала.
  • I tried to take a picture of the bird, but it flew away.
    Я пытался сфотографировать птичку, но она улетела.
  • I dropped the ticket and it blew away in the wind.
    Я выронил билет, и его сдуло ветром.
  • The police searched the house and took away a computer.
    Полиция обыскала дома и забрала компьютер.
  • A: I’m going out now.
    B: What time will you be back?
    А: Я пошел гулять.
    Б: В какое время вернешься?
  • After eating at a restaurant, we walked back to our hotel.
    Отобедав в ресторане, мы пошли обратно в гостиницу.
  • I’ve still got Jane’s keys. I forgot to give them back to her.
    Ключи Джейн всё еще у меня. Я забыл их отдать.
  • When you’ve finished with that book, can you put it back on the shelf?
    Когда закончишь читать эту книгу, можешь положить ее обратно на полку?

Таким же образом вы можете сказать:

Таким же образом вы можете сказать:

walk away, run away, look away etc.

go back, come back, get back, take something back etc.


Другие глаголы + away

get away = escape, leave with difficulty = убежать, ускользнуть

get away with something = do something wrong without being caught = выйти из положения, выйти сухим из воды, сойти с рук и др.

keep away (from ...) = don’t go near = не подходить близко, избегать (чего-либо)

give something away = give it to somebody else because you don’t want it any more = отдавать

put something away = put it in the place where it is kept, usually out of sight = убирать на место

throw something away = put it in the rubbish = выбрасывать


Другие глаголы + back

wave back / smile back / shout back / write back / hit somebody back

call/phone/ring (somebody) back = return a phone call = перезвонить

get back to somebody = reply to them by phone etc. = перезванивать; написать ответ

look back (on something) = think about what happened in the past = вспоминать, оглядываться в прошлое

pay back money, pay somebody back = возвращать деньги


1. Закончите предложения, используя глагол в правильной форме.

  1. The woman got into her car and away.
  2. Here’s the money you need. me back when you can.
  3. Don’t that box away. It could be useful.
  4. Jane doesn’t do anything at work. I don’t know how she away with it.
  5. I’m going out now. I’ll back at about 10.30.
  6. You should think more about the future; don’t back all the time.
  7. Gary is very generous. He won some money in the lottery and it all away.
  8. I’ll back to you as soon as I have the information you need.


2. Закончите предложения. Каждый раз используйте глагол + away или back.

  1. I was away all day yesterday. I very late.
  2. I haven’t seen our neighbours for a while. I think they must .
  3. ‘I’m going out now.’ ‘OK. What time will you ?’
  4. A man was trying to break into a car. When he saw me, he .
  5. I smiled at him, but he didn’t .
  6. If you cheat in the exam, you might with it. But you might get caught.
  7. Be careful! That’s an electric fence. from it.


3. Посмотрите на картинки и закончите предложения.

She waved to him and he .

It was windy. I dropped a twenty-pound note and it .

Sue opened the letter, read it and in the envelope.

He tried to talk to her, but she just .

Ellie threw the ball to Ben and he .

His shoes were worn out, so he .


4. Закончите предложения. Используйте глагол в скобках + away или back.

  1. A: Do you still have my keys?
    B: No. Don’t you remember? I to you yesterday? (give)
  2. A: Do you want this magazine?
    B: No, I’ve finished with it. You can . (throw)
  3. A: How are your new jeans? Do they fit you OK?
    B: No, I’m going to to the shop. (take)
  4. A: Here’s the money you asked me to lend you.
    B: Thanks. I’ll as soon as I can. (pay)
  5. A: What happened to all the books you used to have?
    B: I didn’t want them any more, so I . (give)
  6. A: Did you phone Sarah?
    B: She wasn’t there. I left a message asking her to . (call)



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