Фразовые глаголы с предлогом out (другие значения)

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out = не горит, не светит

go out

  • Suddenly all the lights in the building went out.
    Во всём здании неожиданно погас свет.

put out a fire / a cigarette / a light

  • We managed to put the fire out.
    Мы сумели погасить огонь.

turn out a light

  • I turned the lights out before leaving.
    Я выключил свет перед тем, как ушел.

blow out a candle

  • We don’t need the candle. You can blow it out.
    Нам не нужна свеча. Можете её потушить.

work out

work out = do physical exercises = заниматься спортом, тренироваться

work out = develop, progress = срабатывать; развиваться; делать успехи и др.

work out (for mathematical calculations)

work something out = calculate, think about a problem and find the answer = решать (задачу)


Другие глаголы + out

carry out an order / an experiment / a survey / an investigation / a plan etc.

fall out (with somebody) = stop being friends = перестать быть друзьями, ссориться

find out that/what/when ... etc., find out about something = get information = узнать

give/hand things out = give to each person = выдавать, раздавать

point something out (to somebody) = draw attention to something = указывать; показывать; обращать (чьё-либо) внимание

run out (of something) = кончаться

sort something out = find a solution to, put in order = решать (проблему); приводить в порядок, упорядочивать

turn out to be ... / turn out good/nice etc. / turn out that... – оказываться

try out a machine, a system, a new idea etc. = test it to see if it is OK = испытывать, опробовать, тщательно проверять


1. Какие слова могут идти вместе? Выберите из списка ниже.

a candle a cigarette a light a mess a mistake a new product an order

1. turn out
2. point out
3. blow out
4. carry out
5. put out
6. try out
7. sort out


2. Закончите каждое предложение, используя глагол + out.

  1. The company is a new computer system at the moment.
  2. Steve is very fit. He does a lot of sport and regularly.
  3. The road will be closed for two days next week while building work is .
  4. We didn’t manage to discuss everything at the meeting. We of time.
  5. You have to the problem yourself. I can’t do it for you.
  6. I phoned the station to what time the train arrived.
  7. The new drug will be on a small group of patients.
  8. I thought the two books were the same until a friend of mine the difference.
  9. Key
  10. They got married a few years ago but it didn’t , and they separated.
  11. There was a power cut and all the lights .
  12. We thought she was American at first, but she to be Swedish.
  13. Sometimes it cheaper to eat in a restaurant than to cook at home.
  14. I haven’t applied for the job yet. I want to more about the company first.
  15. It took the fire brigade two hours to the fire.


3. Для каждой картинки закончите предложение, используя глагол + out.

They’ve .

The man with the beard is leaflets.

The weather has .

They’ve .

One of Joe’s jobs in the office is .

Lisa is trying to how .


4. Закончите предложения. Каждый раз используйте глагол + out.

  1. A: Shall I leave the light on?
    B: No, you can .
  2. A: This recipe looks interesting.
    B: Yes, let’s .
  3. A: How much money do I owe you exactly?
    B: Just a moment. I’ll have to .
  4. A: What happened about your problem with your bank?
    B: It’s OK now. I went to see them and we .



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