Предлоги направления: to/at/in/into

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Мы говорим go/come/travel (и др.) to место или мероприятие. Например:

go to China
go back to Italy
return to London
go to bed
go to the bank
go to a concert
welcome (somebody) to (a place)
come to my house
be taken to hospital
be sent to prison
drive to the airport

Таким же образом мы говорим ‘a journey to / a trip to / a visit to / on my way to ...’ и др. :

Сравните to (предлог движения/направления) и in/at (предлог расположения/места):


Been to

Мы говорим ‘been to (место)’:


Get и arrive

Мы говорим ‘get to (место)’:

Но мы говорим arrive in ... или arrive at ... (не arrive to).

Мы говорим arrive in город или страну:

Для других мест (зданий и др.) или мероприятий, мы говорим arrive at:



Мы говорим: go home / come home / get home / arrive home / on the way home и т.п. (без предлога). Мы не говорим ‘to home’:



Go into, get into ... и др. = войти в (a room / a building / a car и др.):

С некоторыми глаголами (особенно go/get/put) мы часто используем in (вместо into):

Противоположным значением into является out of:

Мы обычно говорим ‘get on/off a bus / a train / a plane’ (обычно не get into/out of):


1. Выберите to/at/in/into там, где необходимо. Если предлог не нужен, ничего не выбирайте.

  1. Three people were taken hospital after the accident.
  2. I met Kate on my way home. (без предлога)
  3. We left our luggage the station and went to find something to eat.
  4. Shall we take a taxi the station or shall we walk?
  5. I have to go the bank today to change some money.
  6. The river Rhine flows the North Sea.
  7. ‘Have you got your camera?’ ‘No, I left it home.’
  8. Have you ever been China?
  9. I had lost my key, but I managed to climb the house through a window.
  10. Key
  11. We got stuck in a traffic jam on our way the airport.
  12. We had lunch the airport while we were waiting for our plane.
  13. Welcome the hotel. We hope you enjoy your stay here.
  14. We drove along the main road for about a kilometre and then turned a narrow side street.
  15. Did you enjoy your visit the zoo?
  16. I’m tired. As soon as I get home, I’m going bed.
  17. Marcel is French. He has just returned France after two years Brazil.
  18. Carl was born Chicago, but his family moved New York when he was three. He still lives New York.


2. Вы были в (Have you been to) этих местах? Если да, то сколько раз? Выберите три места и напишите предложения с использованием been to. Два примера даны в п. 1.

Athens Australia Ireland Paris Rome Sweden Tokyo the United States


3. Выберите to/at/in там, где необходимо. Если предлог не нужен, ничего не выбирайте.

  1. What time does this train get London?
  2. What time does this train arrive London?
  3. What time did you get home last night?
  4. What time do you usually arrive work in the morning?
  5. When we got the cinema, there was a long queue outside.
  6. I arrived home feeling very tired.


4. Напишите предложения, используя got + into / out of / on / off.

  1. You were walking home. A friend passed you in her car. She saw you, stopped and offered you a lift. She opened the door. What did you do?
  2. You were waiting for the bus. At last your bus came. The doors opened. What did you do then?
  3. You drove home in your car. You stopped outside your house and parked the car. What did you do then?
  4. You were travelling by train to Manchester. When the train got to Manchester, what did you do?
  5. You needed a taxi. After a few minutes a taxi stopped for you. You opened the door. What did you do then?
  6. You were travelling by air. At the end of your flight, your plane landed at the airport and stopped. The doors were opened, you took your bag and stood up. What did you do then?



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