Разница между предлогами in / at / on (часть 3)

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In hospital / at home и др.

Мы говорим, что somebody is in hospital / in prison / in jail:

Мы говорим, что somebody is at home / at work / at school / at university / at college:

Также at sea (= on a voyage = в морском путешествии). Сравните at sea и in the sea:


At a party / at a concert и др.

Мы говорим, что somebody is at an event (на каком-либо мероприятии: at a party / at a conference и др.):


In и at для зданий

Часто можно испльзовать in или at со зданиями. Например, вы можете кушать in a restaurant или at a restaurant; вы можете купить что-нибудь in a supermarket или at a supermarket. Обычно мы говорим at, когда мы говорим о том, где будет проходить какое-либо мероприятие (например: a concert, a film, a party, a meeting):

Мы говорим at the station / at the airport:

Мы говорим at somebody’s house:

Также at the doctor’s (у врача), at the hairdresser’s (у парикмахера) и т.п.

Мы используем in, когда думаем о самом здании. Сравните:


In и at для городов и др.

Мы обычно используем in с городами (cities и towns) и с деревнями:

But you can use at or in when you think of the place as a point or station on a journey:


On a bus / in a car и др.

Мы обычно говорим on a bus / on a train / on a plane / on a ship, ноin a car / in a taxi:

Мы говорим on a bike (= bicycle) / on a motorbike / on a horse:


1. Ответьте на вопросы о картинках. Используйте in, at или on со словами под картинками.

1. You can hire a car
2. Dave is
3. Karen is
4. Martin is
5. Judy is
6. I saw Gary
7. We spent a few days
8. We went to a show


2. Закончите предложения. Используйте in, at или on + следующее:

the plane
a taxi
the station
the airport
the cinema
the sports centre
  1. My train arrives at 11.30. Can you meet me ?
  2. We walked to the restaurant, but we went home .
  3. I’d like to see a film. What’s on this week?
  4. Some people are for crimes that they did not commit.
  5. ‘What does your sister do? Has she got a job?’ ‘No, she’s still .’
  6. I play basketball on Friday evenings.
  7. A friend of mine was injured in an accident a few days ago. She’s still .
  8. Our flight was delayed. We had to wait for four hours.
  9. I enjoyed the flight, but the food wasn’t very nice.
  10. Bill works on ships. He is most of the time.


3. Закончите предложения, выбрав in, at или on.

  1. We went to a concert the Royal Festival Hall.
  2. It was a very slow train. It stopped every station.
  3. My parents live a small village about 50 miles from London.
  4. I haven’t seen Kate for some time. I last saw her David’s wedding.
  5. We stayed a very nice hotel when we were Amsterdam.
  6. There were fifty rooms the hotel.
  7. I don’t know where my umbrella is. Perhaps I left it the bus.
  8. Key
  9. I wasn’t in when you phoned. I was my sister’s house.
  10. There must be somebody the house. The lights are on.
  11. The exhibition the Museum of Modern Art finished on Saturday.
  12. Shall we travel your car or mine?
  13. What are you doing home? I expected you to be work.
  14. ‘Did you like the film?’ ‘Yes, but it was too hot the cinema.’
  15. Paul lives Birmingham. He’s a student Birmingham University.



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