Unless; As long as; Provided/providing

Урок 115

Изучите следующую ситуацию:

The club is for members only.
Клуб – только для его членов.
You can’t go in unless you are a member.
Вам нельзя войти, если вы не являетесь членом клуба.

То же самое другими словами:

You can’t go in except if you are a member. or
You can go in only if you are a member.

Unless =

1. союз:
 1) если не; пока не
 2) если только, разве только
2. предлог: кроме, исключая, за исключением

Еще примеры с unless:

Вместе unless часто можно сказать if ... not:

As long as etc.

as long as or so long as
provided (that) or providing (that)


Все эти выражения означают ‘(только) если’ или ‘при условии, что’



Когда вы говорите о будущем, не используйте will после unless / as long as / so long as / provided / providing. Используйте настоящее время (см. урок 25):


1. Напишите новое предложение с тем же значением. Используйте unless.

  1. You must try a bit harder or you won’t pass the exam.
  2. Listen carefully or you won’t know what to do.
  3. She must apologise to me or I’ll never speak to her again.
  4. You have to speak very slowly or he won’t be able to understand you.
  5. Business must improve soon, or the company will have to close.


2. Напишите предложения с unless.

  1. The club isn’t open to everyone. You are allowed in only if you’re a member.
  2. I don’t want to go to the party alone. I’m going only if you go too.
  3. Don’t worry about the dog. It will attack you only if you move suddenly.
  4. Ben isn’t very talkative. He’ll speak to you only if you ask him something.
  5. Today is a public holiday. The doctor will see you only if it’s an emergency.


3. Отметьте галочкой правильное слово или выражение для каждого предложения.

  1. You can borrow my car unless / as long as you promise not to drive too fast. (as long as – правильный вариант)
  2. I’m playing tennis tomorrow unless / providing it rains.
  3. I’m playing tennis tomorrow unless / providing it doesn’t rain.
  4. I don’t mind if you come home late unless / as long as you come in quietly.
  5. I’m going now unless / provided you want me to stay.
  6. I don’t watch TV unless / as long as I’ve got nothing else to do.
  7. Children are allowed to use the swimming pool unless / provided they are with an adult.
  8. Unless / provided they are with an adult, children are not allowed to use the swimming pool.
  9. We can sit here in the corner unless / as long as you’d rather sit over there by the window.
  10. A: Our holiday cost a lot of money.
    B: Did it? Well, that doesn’t matter unless / as long as you enjoyed yourselves.


4. Закончите эти предложения, используя свои собственные идеи.

  1. We’ll be late unless
  2. I like hot weather as long as
  3. It takes Kate about 20 minutes to drive to work provided
  4. I don’t mind walking home as long as
  5. I like to walk to work in the morning unless
  6. We can meet tomorrow unless
  7. You can borrow the money providing
  8. You won’t achieve anything unless



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