Even (+ even though / even when / even if)

Урок 112

Изучите следующую ситуацию:

Tina loves watching television.

Тина любит смотреть телевизор.

She has a TV set in every room of the house – even the bathroom.

У нее есть по телевизору в каждой комнате дома – даже в ванной.

Мы используем evenдаже, когда говорим о чем-то необычном или неожиданном. Телевизор в ванной комнате это как минимум необычно.

Еще немного примеров:


Очень часто мы используем even с глаголом в середине предложения (см. урок 110):

Изучите эти примеры с not even:


Вы можете использовать even + сравнительная степень (cheaper / more expensive и т.п.):

Even though / even when / even if

Вы можете использовать even though / even when / even if + subject (подлежащее) + verb (глагол/сказуемое):

Even таким же способом (+ subject + verb) использовать нельзя. Мы говорим:

Сравните even if и if:


1. Джули, Сара и Аманда – три подруги, которые поехали в отпуск вместе. Используйте данную о них информацию, а также even или not even, чтобы закончить предложения.


– is usually happy
– is usually on time
– likes getting up early
– is very interested in art


– isn’t very keen on art
– is usually miserable
– usually hates hotels
– hasn’t got a camera


– is almost always late
– is a keen photographer
– loves staying in hotels
– isn’t very good at getting up

  1. They stayed at a hotel. Everybody liked it, .
  2. They arranged to meet. They all arrived on time, .
  3. They went to an art gallery. Nobody enjoyed it, .
  4. Yesterday they had to get up early. They all managed to do this, .
  5. They were together yesterday. They were all in a good mood, .
  6. None of them took any photographs, .


2. Составьте предложения с even. Используйте слова в скобках.

  1. Sue has been all over the world. (the Antarctic)
  2. We painted the whole room. (the floor)
  3. Rachel has met lots of famous people. (the prime minister)
  4. You could hear the noise from a long way away. (from the next street)
  5. Key
    В следующих предложениях вам нужно использовать not ... even.
  6. They didn’t say anything to us. (hello)
  7. I can’t remember anything about her. (her name)
  8. There isn’t anything to do in this town. (a cinema)
  9. He didn’t tell anybody where he was going. (his wife)
  10. I don’t know anyone in our street. (the people next door)


3. Закончите предложения, используя even + сравнительная степень.

  1. It was very hot yesterday, but today it’s .
  2. The church is 500 years old, but the house next to it is .
  3. That’s a very good idea, but I’ve got an one.
  4. The first question was very difficult to answer. The second one was .
  5. I did very badly in the exam, but most of my friends did .
  6. Neither of us was hungry. I ate very little and my friend ate .


4. Выберите if, even, even if или even though.

  1. she can’t drive, she has bought a car.
  2. The bus leaves in five minutes, but we can still catch it we run.
  3. The bus leaves in two minutes. We won’t catch it now we run.
  4. His Spanish isn’t very good - after three years in Spain.
  5. His Spanish isn’t very good he’s lived in Spain for three years.
  6. with the heating on, it was very cold in the house.
  7. I couldn’t sleep I was very tired.
  8. I won’t forgive them for what they did, they apologise.
  9. I hadn’t eaten anything for 24 hours, I wasn’t hungry.



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