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Dialogue Lesson 10 - Урок-диалог 10


ammo /'æməʊ/ боеприпасы
antibiotic /ˌæntɪbaɪ'ɔtɪk/ антибиотик
bottle /'bɔtl/ бутылка; флакон, колба
buck /bʌk/ 1) амер. разг. доллар, бакс; 2) самец животного
concern /kən'sɜːn/ забота, дело (какого-л. лица); проблема; вопрос, требующий решения
cruel /'kruːəl, krʊəl/ жестокий; безжалостный, суровый, беспощадный
deer /dɪə/ олень; лань; pl. deer
ditto /'dɪtəʊ/ то же самое, та же сумма (для избежания повторения сказанного ранее)
draw away 1) отходить, отъезжать; 2) отвлекать; уводить
meat /miːt/ мясо
nearby /ˌnɪə'baɪ/ близлежащий, соседний, ближайший, ближний
penicillin /ˌpenɪ'sɪlɪn/ пенициллин
pistol /'pɪst(ə)l/ пистолет; револьвер
slaughter /'slɔːtə/ 1) забивать, резать (скот); 2) убивать, совершать зверское убийство
startle /'stɑːtl/ испугать; поразить, сильно удивить
sudden /'sʌd(ə)n/ внезапный, неожиданный
survive /sə'vaɪv/ выжить, выдержать, пережить, перенести
syringe /sɪ'rɪnʤ/ шприц
trade /treɪd/ 1) торговать; 2) обменивать(ся)
whoever /hʊ'evə/ кто бы ни, который бы ни


— Oh, this won’t last very long. You’ll just startle it. Where’d you go? Got you. Who’s there? Come out!
— Hello... we just want to talk.
— Any sudden moves and I put one right between your eyes. Ditto for the buddy-boy over there. What do you want?
— Um, name’s David, this here’s my friend, James. We’re from a larger group – women, children – we’re all very, very hungry.перевод текста
— So am I – women and children – all very hungry too.
— Well, maybe we could ah, trade you for some of that meat there. What do you need? Weapons, ammo, clothes...
— Medicine! Do you have any antibiotics?
— We do. Back at the camp. You’re welcome to follow us...
— I’m not following you anywhere. Buddy-boy can go get it. перевод текста He comes back with what I need, the deer is all yours. Anyone else shows up...
— You put one right between my eyes.
— That’s right.
— Two bottles of the penicillin and a syringe. Make it fast. Go on.
— I’ll take that rifle.
— Of course.
— Back up.
— He’s probably gonna be a while. You ah, mind if we take some shelter from the cold?перевод текста
— Bring him with us.
— There. You know, you really shouldn’t be out here all on your own.
— I don’t like company.
— I see. What’s your name?
— Why?
— Look, I understand it’s not easy to trust a couple of strangers. Whoever’s hurt, you clearly care about them. I’m sure it’s gonna be just fine.
— We’ll see. You had another gun?
— Sorry. Okay, I’d really like my rifle back now.
— No. You have your pistol.
перевод текста — I hope you know how to use that thing.
— I’ve had some practice.

D: — Listen.
E: — No infected.
D: — No infected. What’d I tell ya? Alright. Let’s head on back, check on that buck of ours. You handled yourself pretty nice back there. Ha, whew, I’d say we make a pretty good team.
E: — Psshh. We got lucky.
D: — Lucky? — No, no... No such thing as luck. No, you see I believe that everything happens for a reason.перевод текста
E: — Sure.
D: — I do. And I can prove it to you. Now, this winter has been especially cruel. A few weeks back, I ah... sent a group of men out... nearby town to look for food. Only a few came back. They said that the others had been ah... slaughtered by a crazy man. And get this, he’s... a crazy man travelling with a little girl. You see? Everything happens for a reason. перевод текста Now don’t get upset. It’s not your fault. You’re just a kid. James, lower the gun.
J: — No way, David. I’m not gonna let her go.
D: — Lower the gun. Now give her the medicine.
J: — The others won’t be happy about this.
D: — Yeah, well, that’s not your concern.
E: — Move the (f) out of the way.
D: — You won’t survive long out there. I can protect you.перевод текста
E: — No thanks. Let’s get outta here. Come on.

E: — Come on. Okay... Joel? Oh... I only managed to get a little bit of food. But... I did get this. Move your arm. Oh... Here we go. Sorry. All done. That’s it. You’re gonna make it. Oh, (f). They tracked me. I’m gonna draw them away from here. I’ll come back for you. Easy... Go... C’mon...
M1: — Are we even sure she’s here?
перевод текста M2: — Man, there were horse tracks down the (f)ing street. She’s here.
M3: — Hey, I got her! Get your ass over...
M2: — What are you waiting for? Shoot her!
M1: — But David said...
M2: — (F) David. Shoot her now!
E: — Go! ... Oh man... No... Oh (sh). Okay...
M: — She fell down the hill somewhere. I don’t see her, though.перевод текста
D: — Relax... Keeping you alive here. There you go. There you go.