Past continuous (I was doing) Прошедшее длительное (продолженное)

Урок 6

Изучите следующую ситуацию:

Yesterday Karen and Jim played tennis. They began at 10 o’clock and finished at 11.30.
So, at 10.30 they were playing tennis.

They were playing = они играли = они были в процессе игры. Они не закончили играть.

Was/were -ing это the past continuous:

working etc.

I was doing something = я делал что-то = я был в процессе работы над чем-либо в определенное время. Действие началось до этого времени, но не закончилось:

  • This time last year I was living in Brazil.
  • What were you doing at 10 o’clock last night?
  • I waved to Helen, but she wasn’t looking.

Сравните past continuous (I was doing) и past simple (I did):

Past continuous (во время действия)

Past simple (действие завершено)

  • I was walking home when I met Dave. (во время действия-прогулки)
  • Kate was watching television when we arrived.
  • I walked home after the party last night (= прогулка завершена)
  • Kate watched television a lot when she was ill last year.

Мы часто используем past simple и past continuous вместе, чтобы сказать, что что-то случилось во время чего-то еще:

  • Matt phoned while we were having dinner.
  • It was raining when I got up.
  • I saw you in the park yesterday. You were sitting on the grass and reading a book.
  • I hurt my back while I was working in the garden.

Но мы используем past simple, чтобы сказать, что одно событие сменяется другим:

  • I was walking along the road when I saw Dave. So I stopped, and we had a chat. (увидел → остановился → начал разговор)


  • When Karen arrived, we were having dinner. (= мы начали обедать раньше, чем она приехала)
  • When Karen arrived, we had dinner. (= приехала Карен, и затем мы начали обедать)

Некоторые глаголы (например, know и want) обычно не используются в форме continuous (см. урок 4):

  • We were good friends. We knew each other well. (not We were knowing)
  • I was enjoying the party, but Chris wanted to go home. (not was wanting)


1. Что вы делали в указанное ниже время? Напишите предложения, как в примерах. Не обязательно всегда использовать past continuous (см. второй пример).

  1. (at 8 o’clock yesterday evening)
  2. (at 5 o’clock last Monday)
  3. (at 10.15 yesterday morning)
  4. (at 4.30 this morning)
  5. (at 7.45 yesterday evening)
  6. (halt an hour ago)


2. Придумайте интересное завершение предложений. Не волнуйтесь, если будет не интересно, но используйте past continuous.

  1. Matt phoned while we ...
  2. The doorbell rang while I ...
  3. We saw an accident while we ...
  4. Ann fell asleep while she ...
  5. The television was on, but nobody ...


3. Поставьте глагол в правильную форму: past continuous или past simple.

I (see) Sue in town yesterday, but she (not / see) me. She (look) the other way.

I (meet) Tom and Jane at the airport a few weeks ago. They (go) to Paris and I (go) to Rome. We (have) a chat while we (wait) for our flights.

I (cycle) home yesterday when a man (step) out into the road in front of me. I (go) quite fast, but luckily I (manage) to stop in time and (not / hit) him.


4. Поставьте глагол в правильную форму: past continuous или past simple.

  1. Jenny (wait) for me when I (arrive).
  2. ‘What (you / do) at this time yesterday?’ ‘I was asleep.’
  3. (you / go) out last night?’ ‘No, I was too tired.’
  4. How fast (you / drive) when the accident (happen)?
  5. Sam (take) a photograph of me while I (not / look).
  6. We were in a very difficult position. We (not / know) what to do.
  7. Key
  8. I haven’t seen Alan for ages. When I last (see) him, he (try) to find a job.
  9. I (walk) along the street when suddenly I (hear) footsteps behind me. Somebody (follow) me. I was scared and I (start) to run.
  10. When I was young, I (want) to be a pilot.
  11. Last night I (drop) a plate when I (do) the washing up. Fortunately it (not / break).


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